Friday, August 28, 2009


The ideas of libertarianism make a great deal of immediate sense to me. I have never been particularly interested in joining most collective enterprises and it seems to me that apart from perhaps religions, the biggest collective enterprises in the world are national governments. I'm even less enthused about such collectives when I am forced to support them, as I must through my taxes. So the libertarian ideal of a small government which allows people wide latitude to regulate their own affairs according to their own standards holds considerable appeal.
On the other hand I recognize that the modern world is predicated on huge collectives of people working towards common goals and although I am also hardly enthused about many of these goals, I also recognize that such "modernity" is here to stay. So that puts me in a rather difficult situation if I feel obligated to participate in my nation's government.
Fortunately, I don't.
That may changed if I ever move back to the States but for now my political sympathies will remain happily theoretical.

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