Friday, September 18, 2009

Conservation, Mexican Style circa 1972

I quote this from McEvoy's "The Fisherman's Problem"

"Mexico established a sanctuary for the [gray whale] at Scammon's Bay in 1972 [which is their breeding ground] and unofficially let it be known....that if the whalers of any nation start taking gray whales on the high seas, Mexico would permit the complete extermination of them in Scammon's Bay and that would be the end of that. Standing the fisherman's problem on its head, Mexico held the whales hostage to it. As a result, the gray whale was the only species of great whale in good condition by 1980."

In other words in order to save the gray whale from extinction the Mexican's threatened to exterminate them at their source, their breeding ground. Thats what I call creative thinking.

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