Sunday, September 20, 2009

A slice of American decadence anyone?

Courtesy of The Liberal Order

"The 78 percent number (i.e., 78% of NFL players go bankrupt within two years of retirement) is buoyed by the fact that the average NFL career lasts just three years. So, figure a player gets drafted in 2009, signs for the minimum and lasts three years in the league: He will have earned about $1.2 million in salary. Factor in taxes, cost of living and the misguided belief that there will be more years and bigger paydays down the road, and it becomes a lot easier to see how so many players struggle with money after their careers end."

The sad thing is I actually can see how, in the US, a football player could go broke after making 1.2 million dollars in just three years. In contrast, in rural Africa it would take approximately the combined wages of 50 men, working for their entire adult lives, to earn 1.2 million dollars.


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  1. A pretty small slice; we don't have tens of millions of NFL players, so your point applies to a tiny, tiny portion of the population. You might as well say that North Korea is decadent, what with Dear Leader living it up so much.