Friday, October 9, 2009

Coastal Managers of the World Unite!

I'm relatively new to blogging but have really been impressed with its ability to connect people to have constructive conversations. Particularly in the academic world where we have previously been forced into having snails-paced conversations through books, journals, and conferences, this is extremely useful.

Which makes me all the more disappointed that people involved in coastal management are not blogging more.

The general development community has a great set of vibrant blogs by people who are intimately involved in that world. If you want a good list of some of them just stop by my blog at (shameless promotion) and take a look at my "blogroll." I particularly recommend Bill Easterly's (author of White Man's Burden) blog and the "wrongingrights" blog. Great ideas at these blogs are exchanged rapidly and effectively. However they currently tend to be dominated by economists. Where is everybody else?, although a forum (amongst other things) and not a blog, is an exception to this rule and has managed to draw together a great group of people interested in coastal and marine issues in Southern Africa who regularly have insightful conversations and exchange valuable information.

Lets do more of this and make the "Integrated" in Integrated Coastal Management more of a reality.

Also if anyone does know of other great forums or blogs related to Coastal Management, please do share!


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