Friday, November 6, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Recently I've been watching old classic movies. Specifically I've been watching every movie made in the 1930s that won the Oscar for Best Picture. Some of them are a bit dull. For instance I wasn't particularly impressed by All Quiet on the Western Front. The book is much better. However 1937's Life of Emile Zola is quite good. The late 19th century was an interesting time in France. From Here to Eternity is also good but I never knew Sinatra was such a scrawny little fella. Most interesting are the masculine, pre-feminist era, cultural mores that unconsciously permeate these movies. If anyone has watched the HBO series Mad Men and wants to see the real thing I particularly recommend watching On the Waterfront in which Marlon Brando plays a fantastically macho and yet richly complex character.

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