Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking Bad

So I started watching this show "Breaking Bad." Its about a broke chemistry teacher who learns he is going to die from lung cancer in a year or so and starts making and selling the drug meth. So far its not bad but certainly hasn't reached the heights of "The Wire" or "Sopranos" or the first couple years of "Starship Galactica." Anyone have any other show recommendations?

UPDATE: After watching a few more episodes I've decided this show is cliche. It tries to be provocative about "what would you do if you knew you only had 6 months to live?" and make people "think" about the legality/morality of drugs. Thats boring. Drugs should be legal and if you aren't living your life now to the fullest then you are obviously wasting your time (in my book).



  1. By saying drugs should be legal in reference to Breaking Bad, are you saying meth should be legal? That would sure make my world a lot easier!

    Six Feet Under or Dexter might suit you, though neither are as good as The Wire. I

  2. Yes meth should be legal. Though I am not sure why that would make your world easier. Unless you're a meth user, which I wouldn't recommend being.