Sunday, April 25, 2010

The "Leaders Debate" in the UK

Watch David Cameron, John Clegg, and Gordon Brown debate international and national issues. Its pretty entertaining. I went for a hike this weekend with a British fellow. One of my pet peeves is the obsession that many non-American's have with American politics often to the exclusion of their own national politics and almost always that of any other nation. Here is a chance to educate yourself about another nation and its leaders. I don't think any of the three was a clear winner. Brown rather tiresomely played the "experience" card over and over again. I confess however that while living in the UK many years ago I never paid much attention to its politics, and in general, being from a generally libertarian persuasion, I find most of European politics to be boring and unattractive. To put it crudely they are all unashamedly nanny states. And it looks as if America may be headed in their direction. It is amazing to me that we have come to the point where many people defend a form of government that takes from them half (or more) of everything that they earn.

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