Sunday, May 16, 2010

Context Matters; the North Korean example.

So its been over a month since the Cheonan sank and a couple of weeks since military investigators fairly conclusively determined that a deliberate detention of some sort was the cause. And almost every South Korean I have spoken to believes that North Korea did it.

And yet nothing is happening, and it is likely that nothing will. Kim Jong Il was recently welcomed on a rare visit to China.

Can you imagine any other country responding to such an attack with such utter silence and inaction? I can't. Though I hasten to say it is not my place to criticize, or defend, how South Korean's react. And in fact their reaction, given their context, is utterly understandable. Roughly half of South Korea's 50 million people live within 40 kilometers of the North Korean border. North Korea has a huge, if antiquated army, and likely could put together at least a couple dirty nuclear devices. And the Kim regime is unstable and crumbling.

Given this context, what would you do?


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