Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carl Safina on BP

Carl Safina, director of the Blue Ocean Institute, was on Colbert Nation the other day talking about marine conservation and the BP oil spill.

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I am completely with him in so far as he states that BP is pretty much the devil incarnate right now. And then he lays into the government regulatory body, the MMS, for being too cozy with BP. Also agreed. But then he calls for MORE regulation without recognizing the cognitive dissonance.
Why would you want to give more power to an institution, in this case the federal government, that has proven itself to be working against your interests?
Before I thought about delegating them more power I would at least want to know they are on my side.
Finally I was browsing around the Blue Ocean Institute's website and couldn't figure out who funds them. Charity Navigator gives you a very minimal rundown of their finances, telling me for instance that Dr. Safina makes $100,000, but it doesn't tell me WHO gives him the money.
This is just one more instance of where we in the West need to be practicing more of what we preach. Transparency please.


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