Monday, June 21, 2010

Judith Butler on Performativity

This a great quote from the book "Changing Theories" (see my book list) a book that surveys the thoughts of many important social theorists of the past 60 years. It discusses Judith Butler's views on gender performance. Butler pioneered the idea of performativity long before it was taken up by STS researchers such as Callon and MacKenzie. Since my own study deals with the performativity of coastal management systems I've been doing some background reading on the subject.

"She [Butler] argues that her analysis points to a more complete restoration of human agency, in the sense of a freeing of human beings from the oppressive category of gender itself. The point is not to emancipate women from men, but to emancipate human beings from compulsory gender identity and hetero-normativity"

Preach on sister!


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