Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from Malawi

I spent the last two weeks on the shores of Lake Malawi in Malawi. They are beautiful. And the diving is pretty darn cool as well. Overall awesome country. One of the best conversations I had was with my taxi driver as I was on my way out of the country.
I was asking him how to get a good deal on a refrigerator (they are expensive in Malawi) and we got into a great conversation in which he told me a very short version of his life story. He spent few years in South Africa selling used clothes in Johannesburg with a fellow from Mali and saved up enough money to buy a car in Durban and then drive it home to Malawi. He is now a taxi driver with his car and an all-around entreprenuer. As I was exiting his taxi, he sensed an oppurtunity to make a buck and tried to buy my Malawian cellphone off me so that he could resell it later. Although I didn't sell it to him, I may need it later, I thought it very astute of him to recognize the possible profit oppurtunity. I was also impressed that he offered to buy the phone from me rather than simply asking for it to be given to him.
I got his phone number, and if I am back in the country, will definitely give him a ring.


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