Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is the ANC talking about Helen Zille's statment that the DA will lobby ANC members to vote against the bill that would set up a Media Tribunal to watch over SA media. Read a full article here.

"Her publicly announced plan to influence a parliamentary decision through secret deals with MPs under the cover of darkness sounds much like a product of an overzealous propaganda. It is interesting that Zille herself seems to believe in this propaganda."

And here is Zille's statement that it is 'responding' to-

"We are aware that many ANC MPs are deeply troubled by this bill," Zille said. "They believe it undermines our Constitution. But they also believe it undermines the Freedom Charter. We shall actively lobby ANC MPs to vote with their consciences against the bill."

Zille and the DA have been unwisely backing themselves into a corner over the past year or so. But the ANC, although it is likely to be safe for the next 30 years or so, should, if only for pride's sake, step up its game a little bit.


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