Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Jazz in Gwangju or how I became such a sheep

So a few months ago I was very excited to find a live Jazz Club in Gwangju, the city in which I spend most of my weekends. Unfortunately the place was literally empty when we went. Okay there were two other people who left shortly after we arrived. So my wife and I nevertheless ordered a couple glasses of wine, sat back and tried to enjoy the music. The band was a group of amateur college kids. But still quite good for all that. After finishing one glass of wine, and being given some free rice cake (apparently it was one of the band member's birthday), we left.

I have never been back.


Well because no one was there of course and like any good Korean I judge the quality of a place by how many people go there and if nobody goes there it must not be good. I exaggerate.
But I often reflect on how much more of a sheep I am in Korea than I am elsewhere.
Westerners tend to focus on how much they influence everyone else but these days cultural exchange, particularly between the East and the West is becoming a much more complicated affair.

I like it that way.

But I don't like being a sheep.