Thursday, August 5, 2010

You know you're getting old or lame (or both) when...

So I've been living outside of the U.S. for about 6 odd years now. Every once in a while I try to check in with what's happening there socially and culturally by watching the "hot" comedy shows. A few year ago it was one called "It always sunny in Philadelphia" if I'm not mistaken.
I watched and laughed a little but wasn't really impressed.

Fast forward a few years and now I am previewing "Parks and Recreation" and "Community." Can't say I'm all that impressed. Humor these days seems to be so intellectually driven but I'm more of a gut humor type guy.
Or maybe I'm just too culturally out of the loop to catch the jokes.

Either way it makes me feel old and mildly lame. Being the first one bothers me but the second one less so.

Anyone really like those shows?


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