Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Soldier Banda wants to sing

Update: So I didn't know that Lucius had already been a MP in Malawi until 2006. He lost his seat when it was discovered that he had faked his academic credentials, which apparently are necessary in order to be a MP in Malawi. (can someone confirm this for me?) The song above is from his latest album, 15-15 which has been banned from airing on the state-run Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. Contrary to what I said below, according to this at least, he has decided to leave politics behind for now. Though you certainly wouldn't know it from this latest album which is full of political commentary.

Its been rumored that Lucius Banda, will be getting into politics. Listen to his platform. Its a good one. But does he have chance?



  1. he was previously an MP but was kicked out of office for lying about having completed an MSCE (and then not being able to produce it when asked for credentials). He has a very loyal following though.

    Would love to see any clip you might be able to share of a song he wrote some time last year that had the line, "DPP: Diesel, Petrol, Palibe." I've heard about it, but not heard the song nor found a video clip. Friends in MW say that the song was banned from the radio.

  2. Sorry, only now watched the full clip and realized that Diesel Petrol Palibe is in this song.

    My reading of the Malawian constitutional requirements for MPs does not support the notion that an MSCE is required, even if this he could be the next UDF contender in the 2014 presidential election.

  3. ^Blogspot hates me. Killed two lines of my comment:

    "even if this Nyasa Times article says so (but read LB's comment in the story that he wouldn't have lied about an MSCE since it's not required for him to stand for election). Also, I wouldn't give up on LB being in the political game in the future. For example, he could be..."

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