Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bwana part 2

Suspect that she has probably lost some of their respect. Will my
reluctance to embrace my "bwana-ness" hinder my ability to work
effectively with my employees too? And is it oddly culturally
insensitive of me to expect them to respect me if i refuse to embrace
the status to which they feel respect should be given? I don't know.
And then there is the issue of how much i will be paying my employees.
The amount is quite good by rural malawian standards but by any
western standard it is shockingly low. And yet paying them more is
simply not economically possible. Nor is firing most of them so that i
could significantly increase the salaries of those left over.
Business-wise i would be fine, but malawian law stipulates that i
employee a certain number of locals. Certainly this must be an
instance where something is better than nothing, but that doesn't
change the fact that i am paying my employees a salary which affords
them a material lifestyle that is many, many, many times lower than my
own. Does this make me an asshole? I don't know.

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