Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Chinese in Malawi part 2

Chinese government activities and the emerging Chinese communities
popping up around them. Particularly when our first hand knowledge of
these Chinese communities is so limited an open mind demands a less
judgemental approach on our part and frankly a more welcoming attitude
to our new expat neighbors.
Second the Western track record over the past couple hundred years in
Africa is pretty dismal. We have very little room to criticize if we
want to avoid rank hypocrisy.
And finally i think we need to be open to the real possibility that if
we truly want Africa to develop economically it might be wise to ask
those people who have been doing much of the economic development in
the past half century for a few pointers China, South Korea, and other
. Asian nations have gone from Africa-like poverty to Western-like
prosperity in a very short period of time. Perhaps they have better
lessons to teach Africa than we are willing to admit?

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