Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NGOs in Malawi: part 1

So I took the director of an NGO diving the other day. His
organization has operations in several countries but he said that
working in Malawi is the worst. When I asked why he said there was
simply "no follow through." . In the late 90s he had actually pulled
out of Malawi but had decided to return in the early 2000s. This NGO
does mostly agricultural development projects that are, crudely
speaking, pro-compost and anti-Monsanto. He called the Malawian
government's food subsidy program "dangerous."
I've already talked about my thoughts on that particular program. In
this post I'm more interested in why many NGOs in Malawi are
frustrated these days. For this director is not the only one
experiencing difficulties. Last month many Aid agencies started
cutting their funding to Malawi because they too are frustrated.
In a series of posts . I will try to talk about some of the possible
causes, and my opinion of their likelihood, for this frustration
ranging roughly from "its their own fault" to "its Malawi's fault."
and finally to "its nobody's fault.