Thursday, May 19, 2011

News from the Beach

-So we’ve gotten ourselves a little Jack Russell terrier. His name is Tank.

-Instead of using one of our rubber ducks to go out to the island we took canoes the other day. It was awesome. Along the way Gary and I toyed with the idea of doing multi-day canoe and scuba diving trips up the coast of Lake Malawi from Kande to Nhkata Bay. We’d either just bush camp and braai every evening or for those wanting a little more comfort could probably even work it so we stopped at a lakeside lodge every night. Sound like a good time?

-We are having our new friend from just down the beach over for dinner tonight. They are the founder and operators of a great organization called Mphatso which funds and manages around ten nursery schools in the area. Along with a little education each child that comes to one of these nurseries gets a nutritious meal of vitamin fortified porridge. For some children this can literally be a life-saver.

-I’m going to start test-running a few indicators from what will eventually be a more comprehensive water quality monitoring program. Time to build a Secchi Disk!

-Our first Tonga lesson went well. Alfred, our teacher, is a nice guy and he is starting with useful phrases. I now know for instance how to say “good morning” to my employees. Mwayuka wuli!


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