Friday, June 17, 2011

News from the Beach

News from the beach.

-Well the Malawian winter is well upon us. It actually got down to 20 degrees the other night (70 in Fahrenheit) and boy let me tell you I was bundled up in two sweaters as I listened to the cool tunes of the Guisely Brothers, a good British cover band, over at Chinteche Inn the other night. Live music is always good.

-I keep telling myself I need to get an underwater camera. By now I'm sure I could name a few new species of cichlids after myself if I could properly document them with a photograph. With about a third of the estimated 1000 species of cichlid fish still left to be properly scientifically identified and categorized the possibility that I could actually name my own fish isn't all that farfetched. I saw a beautiful blue, white, and yellow speckled fellow yesterday that I couldn't find anywhere in my three cichlid identification books. The Kande area, although not unknown to the existent guide books, hasn't really been properly surveyed. But we are going to get to that soon.

- It looks as if the Universities in Malawi are going to be opening up again soon. Fingers crossed.

-Huge schools of usipa continue to be abundant in the lake around us. Diving as thousands of tiny fish swim in perfect unison around you is unforgettable.

-Tonga word for the day. Somba = fish


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