Sunday, July 3, 2011

News and Pictures from the Beach

-So the windy season hasn't been all that windy. This is good for us.
-The cichlids out at Kande island are getting bigger. Anyone know a good source of info these fellow's life cycles?
- So we went to Kaya Papaya on our way back from Mzuzu last week. Who knew you could find such awesome Thai food in a German-owned restaurant in Malawi?
-Haba na Haba has written an interesting article about how the right to refuse is often misunderstood in Malawi. I'm not surprised by this. People in hierarchical cultures are of often uncomfortable with stating their preferences to people of perceived higher social ranking to them. Instead they seek to do the "right" course of action in any given context so long as it doesn't inconvenience them too much. In the case of HIV testing I can imagine that most Malawian mothers receiving care recognize (rightly) that health officials would like them to be tested, don't perceive such testing as a large inconvenience, and so submit when the officials tell them to do it.
-And the pictures. Thanks to Robert from Germany for these.


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