Friday, August 12, 2011

News from the Beach

Well it looks like the rest of the "modern" world is falling apart
again economically but out here on the beach the weather is fine and
the fish are getting down right huge. Yesterday afternoon we spotted
quite a few 40cm chambos and other species. For cichlids thats quite

-Monica, our resident biologist at the Maru, is settling in well and
already knows the fish better than I do. We've also started
collecting weather statistics and water quality indicators and will
begin doing our underwater population and biodiversity surveys at the
end of the month.

-Ever since we first arrived here at Kande I've been seeing fish that
I couldn't find in any of our three fish identification books. This
is not really surprising since an estimated 1/3 of the fish in the
lake are yet to be properly scientifically described and identified
but until now I haven't been able to verify whether or not the fish I
have been seeing are truly undiscovered species or whether I just
don't have a complete list of known cichlid fish. Well that has
changed now that the Maru has an underwater camera to take snapshots
of our potential new finds. If anyone knows how one can properly
identify and describe a new species in a scientifically recognized way
please contact us at

-Tonga words for the day- chirwa = island, watu=paddle/oar

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