Monday, December 26, 2011

Beach Village Committees.

So on Wednesday I, Alex (our local government fisheries officer) and couple guys from Ripple Africa are going to sit down and make a plan for potentially establishing Beach Village Committees in various "beach villages" along the Chintheche strip. It will be an interesting discussion. Beyond the nebulous goal of "better fisheries management" I'm not sure what, specifically, these committees will work towards, but mostly I am interested in seeing how Alex, the Ripple guys (one of whose very cool name is "Force"), and I can work together with the community and how they go about implementing the program. At this point this "how" is more important to me than the "what" we are actually doing or going to do. In any case the "what" should not be determined by a few fellas (half of whom are foreigners") sitting around a table one morning, but rather through talking to people and seeing what they think are the problems and how they might best be solved.


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