Thursday, December 1, 2011

News from the Beach

-So after a couple of nice rainy days it looks as if the rainy season is officially starting. Today however is sunny, calm, and crisp. And since it is the 1st of the month that means survey time. Monica and I are going to go out this afternoon and survey two transects, one at the Outer Reef and one at Kande Island. It is amazing the diversity of fish out their even among these two transect lines which are only about 300 meters away from each other. Nearly a 1/4 of the species found at each transect are never found at the other one. Our data set is still to small to make any robust conclusions but so far our Kande Island transect is characterized by slightly more abundance and slightly less diversity than the Outer Reef transect. Its our hope that by the middle of this month we will be able to lay another transect line at John's Reef which is 25 meters down and bathymetrically very different from either Kande Island or the Outer Reef.

-There is one more member of the small expat community up here. Congratulations to Richard and Lauren at Makuzi Lodge for their newborn girl, Nyassa.

-Christmas is coming and here at Aquanuts and The Maru we are thinking of something special to offer our friends and customers. Stay tuned!

-Road Trip! Joy and I will be taking a road trip through Southern Africa in January next year down to Cape Town. We are thinking about going through Mozambique and Zimbabwe on the way down and through Botswana and Zambia on the way back. After years in Africa I still have never been to Victoria Falls so we are going to try hard and fit that in. South Luangwa National Park, Chobe, Hwange, and Bulawayo are also all on the possible list. I am open to pointers.



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