Monday, January 9, 2012

The Maru gets a face lift and other News from the Beach

-So I gave Aquanuts Divers' website,, a face lift a month ago and I've finally been able to do the same from the Maru Research Center's website, Check us out and see what we are up to.

- We've got some new Peace Corps volunteers working with us this weekend and some older ones who ready to do their first underwater survey training. Its exciting to have more people researching with us. With them on board we can really start expanding the number of our survey sites.

- Joy and I are off on a road trip on the 22nd of this month down to Cape Town and back. We've got to buy supplies for Aquanuts and the Maru and are going to have a little fun along the way. Things at Kande will be handled by Monica's capable hands.

- Tomorrow Alex and I are going to Mzuzu University to try and finalize some sort of partnership with the fisheries department there. Wish us luck.

And here is a fish for the day from our lovely lake.