Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going to the Zoo

- So in addition to Aquanuts Divers and the Maru Joy and I are going to start managing the Mzoozoozoo Backpackers Lodge located in Mzuzu, the regional capital of northern Malawi. It should be fun. I'm building a website for the place and will have a link up shortly. Mzuzu is a nice mountain city and an essential transport hub for many of northern Malawi's attractions. The Maru is working with the fisheries department of Mzuzu University so it will be great to have the chance to spend a little more time up there. Stay tuned.

- At Aquanuts Divers we've got a new dive instructor and research assistant coming to help us out this month. Campbell Louw is a native of South Africa with a Phd in biotechnology and a passion for underwater worlds. We are excited to have him and look forward to the contributions he will make to our research programs. Welcome aboard Campbell!



  1. Thanks guys, can't wait to get there!