Tuesday, March 27, 2012

News from the Beach

News from the Beach

So it's been a little while since I've posted so there is quite a lot
of news to relate.

-First and foremost we would like to extend a warm welcome to the
newest member of the Aquanuts Divers and Maru Research Center family.
Campbell Louw, a native of South Africa, is our new Research

-Next the Maru Research Center will be featured on the British travel
documentary series "The Ethical Hedonist" we airs on the Travel
Channel. Filming will start on the 18th of April. It should be a lot
of fun. They will be joining us on one of our underwater population
and biodiversity surveys.

- Over at the Mzoozoozoo Backpackers Lodge in Mzuzu Joy is dishing up
a great Korean food and warm hospitality. We are also excited to host
a Peace Corps orientation for incoming Peace Corps volunteers to the
northern region of Malawi in mid-April.
- The other night a friend and I went to the Key Lounge in Mzuzu to
watch Lucius Banda perform live on stage. He is an icon of the
Malawian music scene and the turn out for him was huge and

- And finally a big thanks should go out to Lucas and Ciclia for
helping Joy and I settle into the "Zoo." Check out their charity work
in the Congo and elsewhere at http://www.followrabbit.it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A question for Christians.

I have recently been screwed by a few people who strongly identify themselves as Christians and whom I believe are not doing so for the purposes of deception but truly believe themselves to be Christian. Is it fair for me be to be especially annoyed at them (i.e. hold them to a "higher" moral standard") or should I recognize that all humans beings are flawed, no matter what creed they profess? I want to hear the opinions of Christians as I already (probably) know how non-Christians would answer this.

Cichlids and Photoshop

So I've been playing with our new underwater camera. I'm not a good photographer and I have photoshop. So I played around. Here they are. I think they look cool, sort of.