Sunday, April 22, 2012

News from the Beach...and Mzuzu!

-So we had a blast with Tom and Bob and all the other folks from the Ethical Hedonist film crew this past week as they showcased the Maru Research Center's work on Lake Malawi.  We are really excited to see the final product which will be airing sometime in November.  I'll be posting some photos and hopefully even a video or two (bandwith allowing) in the next week.

- At the Zoo we are planning a big, lazy, Sunday afternoon Korean Braai/BBQ for next Sunday, the 29th.  A bonfire, a whole pig roasting on spit, and a lot of Korean home-cooking with a couple of beers and good friends should make for a great time.  Come around if you're in town. The party starts at 2pm and ends when you can't stand up (either from a too-full stomach or the beer, whichever comes first).

-Finally I have just learned about the existance of a great organization called the American Cichlid Association (ACA).  These people are awesome cichlid enthusiasts and conservationists and I hope that the Maru Research Center find some good friends among them.  They also have a couple Funds that you can apply for for research grants.  How cool is that!  Needless to say, and even though the deadline for applications is just 7 days away, we at the Maru are going to work our tails off to submit a proposal just in time.  Wish us luck!