Monday, September 17, 2012

News from the Beach

-In case you didn’t see the previous blog post, check out the Maru’s new video here on youtube .

-Herehere, and here are a few really interesting articles on the history of Mzuzu, the capital of the northern region here in Malawi. Unfortunately they are all gated. They all come from the Society of Malawi Journal. This organization and its journal have been around since early in Malawi’s colonial era and have been producing interesting reads all along the way. You can get access to the journal for a nominal membership fee here.

-It turns out one of these planes was instrumental in the founding of Mzuzu. Machinery and supplies for a Tung Oil Plantation at Mzuzu were flown to Nkhata Bay from Tanzania using one. Besides being relatively close to Mzuzu (about 40 kms) Nhkata Bay is also one of the few ports along the lake that is sufficiently sheltered to allow an G-AHER to “land” in its waters.

-We are only one month away from having a complete year’s worth of data from our “Outer Reef” underwater transect near Kande Island. Every two weeks, weather permitting, we have been going down to do Population and Biodiversity surveys at the Outer Reef. We’ve learned a lot so far about the population dynamics of the cichlid fish there and are really interested to see whether that patterns we’ve indentified so far repeat themselves as we break the one year threshold.

-I’ll be helping out at a U.S. Embassy sponsored College Fair to be held at the Sunbird Hotel in Mzuzu on the 22nd, a Saturday, of this month. Any Malawians, or anyone really, interested in learning about what it’s like to study at an American university is welcome to come on by.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Maru on Youtube

So we've been a little quiet lately on the blog.  But we've been busy on the beach.  Check out our new video.  The idea is to explain a little bit about what we do here at the Maru.

I'll be posting more shortly.