Thursday, November 22, 2012

News from the Beach

-Our new head of research and dive instructor, Hermes, has arrived and is well keen to get to know the fish! Welcome aboard!

-The rains are coming!  After a very hot month the rains are starting to dribble down.  There is nothing like diving in the rain, you look up and watch as millions of droplets collide into the lake.  Its stunning!

-For all of you in Africa using DSTV or show on the TravelChannel will be airing this Saturday, the 24th. Check us out!

-With the one year anniversary or our first two population and biodiversity survey sites completed we are full steam ahead on establishing two more sites, one at “John’s Reef”  23 meters down and one at Makuzi Island at just 8 meters down.  John’s Reef has been quite a challenge because of the depth and because the bathymetry of the reef is quite challenging to navigate particularly when you are also dropping down on the site at a slightly different position as the only way to find the place is with a GPS.