Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year and more News from the Beach!

So we’ve been busy down here are Kande with the holiday season.  There hasn’t been much time for blogging.  But a lot of exciting things are happening down here.

-The Last Fishing Boat, the second movie produced in Malawi by Malawian Shemu Joya, which I blogged about previously, was very impressive.  I will write a longer review in a later post, as it deserves one all to its own.

-Ella, a water quality specialist from the UK, is coming to volunteer with us to help us with our water quality monitoring program this weekend.  She is bringing along with her some water testing equipment that will be very helpful in determining the level of certain chemicals coming into the lake from the many rivers that flow into the Lake.  She is coming at the right time with the rainy season now being in full swing and the river levels getting to their peak.

-We are getting a weather station!  Up to now we have been recording by hand various weather indicators every day three times a day.  This has been laborious.  So the Maru, thanks to generosity of friend,  has purchased the La Crosse WS-2815U-IT Weather Station. This thing looks fun!

- With the New Year coming the Maru is going to continue to grow.  Plans include the possibility of adding a Malawian researcher to the Team, expanding our surveys sites even further, looking into aquaculture a bit, and perhaps even to start talking with the Malawian Parks department. 

Stay tuned!


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