Tuesday, March 26, 2013

News from the Beach presents Alex! (and other stuff)

Well its been a long time in coming but we have finally managed to start our series of discussions with Malawians about Lake Malawi which we have chosen to entitle “Voices from Lake Malawi.”    Periodically we will be posting here podcasts of those discussions in which we talk to a variety of different people about Lake Malawi and how they interact with it, what it means to them, and how the lake came to be a part of their lives.  For our inaugural discussion we are lucky enough to have Alex Makanjira Stand to talk with.  Alex works for the Malawian Government’s Fisheries Department as an Extension Officer in Nhkata Bay District where the Maru Research Center is located.  But before we get to that  however, we’ve got a few more news bullets to share.

-First we’d like to welcome Brandi to the center.  She will be volunteering with us for the next few weeks and has already been integral to getting our “Voices” series started. 

-Also we are happy to announce our first Malawian intern will be joining us next week.  Benjamin Banda studied Fisheries Science at Mzuzu University and has a keen interest in aquaculture.  We look forward to researching with him!

-Finally our trip the the US was successful and we came back with a few research tools.  A phosphorus meter, dissolved oxygen meter, and the long awaited weather station! 

And now to Alex!  Click on the button below to begin streaming our discussion with him.