Thursday, December 5, 2013

News from the Beach!

Well its been a little while since our last post that doesn't mean we've been lazing on the sands all day (though we do a little bit, have you seen out beach?)  Its summer again here at Kande and that means warm water, sun and every once and a while a nice brisk rain in the mornings just to green things up a bit.

-This month marks the official two year anniversary or our underwater population and biodiversity surveying and monitoring project.  At least once a month for two years now we have been counting and identifying the amazing biodiversity of Lake Malawi and with all that data we've decided to put together a report which we will post online soon so stay tuned!

-Last night we had a once-in-twenty-years lake fly visitation.  I say once in twenty years because our friend who has lived in Kande for twenty year had never seen anything like it.  Literally millions and million of lake flies were blown onto Kande Beach covering everyone and everything.  Don't worry they are completely harmless, and even tasty if you ask the local Tongan Malawians.  This morning we were greeted to piles of them several inches thick both in and outside of our house and research center.  It was certainly something to see, feel, and even taste!

-Our resident Research Assistant and Dive Instructor David Grazi from Italy has settled in well and is having a great time learning about the lake and teaching others to enjoy it.  And he just had his birthday here at Kande amidst live music, a barbeque, and discount drinks.  Can't beat that.  Congrats Dude!

-Finally my wife, Joy is opening up a lodge and restaurant in Mzuzu, the capital of the northern region of Malawi.  Her cooking is already famous in Mzuzu and even the entire northern region so stay tuned for the opening date.  We are busy renovating that the moment but plan on opening around the beginning of 2014.  The lodge will have accommodation for all prices ranges from camping, to dorms, to private rooms.  As a bonus having a place in the city will aid the Maru's efforts to engage more with students at Mzuzu University's Fisheries Department.

Check out these lake flies.  No its not smoke, its flies!