Wednesday, February 18, 2015

News from the Beach!

News from the Beach!

-We are well into 2015 here at Kande and the Maru is busy with its new years resolutions.  But first I'd like to welcome our new Research and Dive Assistant, Steve Leeming! Steve has worked in Mozambique, the Caribbean, and Indonesia studying marine ecosystems and has now come to help us study the tropical freshwater environment that is Lake Malawi.  Welcome aboard Steve!

-The Maru also wishes to welome three new interns to the center.  Jakob and Cobe are from Belgium and Abby is from USA.  We look forward to training them to conduct our in-house monitoring programs and seeing what they might have to offer.

-We have been working hard here to expand the Maru's website so that people all over the world can follow along with us as we conduct our underwater population and biodiversity surveys.  Stayed tuned and we will let you know when all the data from the past three years is put up online and open-source.  From then forward our data will be updated live whenever we conduct a survey.  Our goal is to expand our surveying efforts to select sites all over Lake Malawi.  In order do this, once our home website is updated with all the data we have collected so far, we will be conducting an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to help us finance the expansion.  We thank in advance anyone who might donate to this cause.