Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Almost there! And back at the Bay!

-Well the new Great Lake Malawi Cichlid Survey website is built and ready to be put online live. We are just waiting for our 501-3c non-profit status to be finalized in the USA before we put it online and launch our Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.  The balls are rolling!

-Just this morning we did another population and biodiversity survey up at Nkhata Bay.  The survey site is one of our newest, not even a full years worth of data has been collected, so every time we good down is a new adventure in monitoring how the cichlid populations and diversity changes throughout the year in the Bay.  Jakob, Cobe, and Abby, our current interns, joined us on the dive and for the first time could appreciate just how diverse even the cichlid populations are between Kande and Nkhata Bay.  Imagine if we could survey the entire lake!

- Finally we are happy to announce that Mexford Mulumpwa, an officer with the Malawian fisheries department on study leave to pursue his Masters degree, will be interning with us for the month of April.  We look forward to learning about the lake with him and the special local insights that he might have to offer.  Welcome aboard Mexford!