Thursday, June 11, 2015

News from the Beach!

- First we'd like to wish a nice farwell to Vincent from Canada. Vincent was a great intern and we wish him well on his Master's degree back in Quebec.

- Winter is coming to the lake and that means during the day we have to endure 25 degrees (Celsius of course), clear sunny skies, and a nice southernly breeze for the next couple months!  Poor us! Come down and join in!

- Next take a look at these cool pictures of us having fun with, and teaching, some children how to swim.  They are part of our kids club and come from a school with help from the great organization 3rd World Hope.

- Finally we are always looking for more volunteers and interns to help us with our programs at the Maru.  To learn more about how you can get involved click here or follow the links at the top right-hand corner of this blog.