Friday, January 15, 2016

What's to see in a lake? (Malawi edition)

We often get asked down here at Kande Beach, "What's to see in a lake?" Well we can't speak for other lakes but as for Lake Malawi, the most biologically diverse lake on the planet by the way, there is A LOT to see.  For all you aspiring marine biologists hungry for new waters to explore and new fish to study Lake Malawi offers endless possibilities.  Steven Leeming, our former research and dive assistant at the Maru, just sent us some stunning photos he took while with us, so you too can get a taste for "what's to see in a lake" Malawi edition!

Here is a beautiful Copidachromis Borylei!

Here is "Dr. David Livingstone's fish" Nimbochromis livingstonii

And here is playing dead. Livingstonii is an ambush predator.

And here is a Fossiochromis rostratus locally known as the "fox" fish.

We even have crabs!

We're not sure sure about this one but with think  he is Lethinrops albus. What do you think?

                                                               Take a look at this catfish!

A beautiful Nimbochromis linni

And again we're not sure who this fella is but what a beauty!

And finally a nice small school utaka hanging out in midwater!