Saturday, March 26, 2016

Aquanuts Divers and the Maru welcome Rob!

Well its been a great six months with Emily and Scott but all things must sadly change and they are off to new adventures soon so we are welcoming a new member of the crew to the Aquanuts and Maru familes, Robert Macfarlane!

Rob is a PADI scuba instructor and keen biologist having worked on projects as far flung as Belize, Indonesia, and Madagascar.  We are excited about the experience and passion that he can bring to our research programs and look forward to working with him over the next nine months.

Stay tuned as we are quickly going to move one step futher on our Great Lake Malawi Cichlid Survey goals with the opening of an Nkhata Bay Research Substation.  Pictures and details to follow!



  1. I would love follow ups about Nkhata Bay surveys :D thanks for the updates Justin!

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