Saturday, September 9, 2017

Weekly Report for the 28-8-17 to 1-9-2017

-Well we've been working off our heads getting down here on the lake.  Which means we are a bit late uploading last weeks report.  Here it is!  This week's report will be up on on Sunday and our goal is to provide the weekly report every Sunday from now onwards.  This week's report will include the Population and Biodiversity Survey's we've been doing in Nkhata Bay.

-We are also excited to welcome Joao Champalimaud to the Maru as a volunteer on Monday!

-Finally we want to extend a word of gratitude to Dr. Martin Genner from the University of Bristol in the UK for working with us to do a follow-up to the surveys he did as discussed in the 2004 article in the journal Ecography entitled "Beta diversity of rock-restricted cichlid fishes in Lake Malawi:
importance of environmental and spatial factors."  We are really excited to get into the water and see what has changed in the past 13 years!




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